Spain consumes 388MB mobile data monthly

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 11-08-2013

Spain's mobile users consume 88 minutes of voice, 388MB of data and 15 SMS each month, according to the latest report by MásMóvil.

Over 84,000 customers were asked about their habits in first half of the year, during which time data usage increased and SMS fell markedly.

Data consumption is clearly on the increase, pushed by the growth of cloud activities and online video platforms, which call for a greater use of data instead of physical supports. During first six months, data has grown 9%, from 356MB to 388MB. But compared to 2011, the use of data services has increased 28%.

According to the report, the growth tendency is driven by smartphones, which are already the most popular telephone device among Spanish users. Over 60% of devices are smartphones, and this has definitely changed consumption habits.

As a clear example, SMS, which had been the most popular communication system up to now, has fallen 33% during the first six months. Voice consumption has remained stable.

MásMóvil's report classifies customer habits within age groups. Data consumption is most popular among those 25 and under, while people aged 25-25 use more voice services. The habits of Spain's younger population show the greatest data use growth, increasing from 300MB in 2012 to nearly 400MB.