Streamweaver takes split-screen mobile video global

Michelle Clancy | 11-08-2013

After a successful US launch, mobile video app Streamweaver is expanding internationally, allowing consumers from all over the world to record together with friends to create and share split-screen video.

Streamweaver is leveraging the crowdsourcing phenomenon to turn amateur video clips captured via iPhone or iPad into multi-angle, almost professional-looking productions. After friends record and upload their videos through the app, Streamweaver combines them into a single split-screen video that plays all perspectives, uncut and synchronized, at the same time and on the same screen.

Streamweaver is now available for free in the Apple App Store in English, Portuguese, Russian, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

"While a split-screen viewing experience is common in TV and film, we're the first to bring it to mobile video," said Jay Hake, CEO for Streamweaver. "Understanding that the applications for a single technology can vary across cultures; we can't wait to see how people around the world decide to use Streamweaver."

The app can be used to span the gamut of social situations. For instance, if three people film the candles being blown out at a birthday party from various angles, they can upload those three videos to the Streamweaver app where they will be automatically combined together into a multi-cam, single piece of footage. From there it can be captioned, tagged with location and then shared out via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or text. In addition, each video has a URL to use however one wishes. Videos can be up to 60 seconds long.

A user can also invite other users to add video on the fly to a repository. The app functions like a social network, so users can add friends to their circle. If one person is at a concert, for instance, he or she can invite friends from within the app to record with them, and add to the woven stream. Another social networking function is the fact that other Streamweaver users can view the footage, 'like' clips and add comments from within the app.

Important to the international release, the split-screen feature also works across geographies. People in different locations can connect within the app and create a 'what's happening right now' video across all or selected connected friends who are recording at the same time the only requirement is that streams need to partially overlap.