Charter taps TelVue for Eastern cable infrastructure

Michelle Clancy | 12-08-2013

Charter Media Eastern Division has selected TelVue to expand its existing local origination and leased access (LO/LA) channel network.

Charter will deploy an enterprise level system with edge-based TelVue HyperCaster IP broadcast servers, all scheduled and managed from a central traffic system located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Charter said the decision to use TelVue was based on the successful rollout of TelVue HyperCasters at Charter Media West. "The benefit of this system is lower cap-ex and op-ex costs, driving the cost per channel down significantly while improving the workflow and the bottom line," the company said.

Charter Media's LO/LA channels will be played out from multiple TelVue HyperCaster IP broadcast servers, to be deployed in various markets including Asheville, Spartanburg, Birmingham, Huntsville and other locales.

The key networking feature is the use of CCMS Plus traffic integration software in each HyperCaster which imports schedule files generated by Charter's traffic system the same system used to schedule spot ads. Each TelVue HyperCaster retrieves and loads the content and schedules. If any scheduled content is missing, the HyperCaster will notify the Production Department. The HyperCaster sends a verification (VER) file back to the archive server, to be retrieved by the traffic system. The process is fully automated. Neither the traffic nor the production team ever have to directly access the servers at the headends.