OTE sees satellite expansion in Greece

Michelle Clancy | 12-08-2013

Greek incumbent OTE found second-quarter success with its satellite TV offer, as it added a total of 174,964 subscribers to its ranks.

The number represents a 129.2% increase from the year earlier, when it added just around 85,000 subs. But the momentum has been growing: in the first quarter, it added around 149,000 subscribers. And with the addition of Premier League football coverage in the second half, OTE said that growth should continue.

The satellite success represented the operator's lone growth area: its IPTV numbers stayed flat for the quarter. OTE revenue came in at 1,002.5 million in the second quarter, an 8.6% decline on a year earlier. Net income was down 39.5% to total 57.2 million.

OTE had success in Romania as well, where Romtelecom, which it backs, grew its TV subscriber total by 7.3%, ending the second quarter with a total of 1,295,888 subscribers as its cable TV footprint expanded in urban areas.