Parent Category: News | 12-08-2013
Telecom New Zealand is planning to get more involved in online entertainment, but hasn't made a final decision, says chief executive Simon Moutter.
The company recently signed a special access deal with Internet start-up Coliseum for the Barclays English Premier League in order to test the waters. It sells Coliseum's PremierLeaguePass at a 15% discount and offers it free of charge to selected new customers for one year.
According to, Moutter said Telecom would "not follow any model that involves a set-top box; we have no interest in that".
"We think let's go with the 'Internet breakthrough model' which is to use the Internet to deliver content to the home and Wi-Fi to do the jump from the modem to the [television]. The world of smart TVs and clever dongles we think takes care of that jump and minimises the economic hurdles."