Movistar starts LTE testing in Peru

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 30-11--0001
Although the commercial release of 4G LTE networks in Peru isn't scheduled until May or June 2014, Telefónica is already starting to test the service in the capital of Lima.
On 9 August the first call and download through the 4G network was carried out with speeds of around ten times that offered by the current 3G network, said Movistar on its social network profiles.
Apart from Telefónica, Americatel – the former subsidiary of Chile's Entel which is currently owned by Platinum Equity – also got an LTE licence through Pro Inversión, the public agency which promotes private investment in Peru. But after the tender was held at the end of July, América Móvil made it known that Pro Inversión licences aren't the only way to offer high speed mobile Internet in Peru. According to El Comercio, the Mexican company is ready to bring 4G coverage through Claro.
LTE networks are experiencing fast growth in Latin America, where they are already established in most countries, including Brazil, Chile and Colombia. 4G brings makes it possible to connect to the Internet-isolated zones of the region, which aren't reachable by cable. This enables the expansion of TV and video-on-demand services to the whole population, something that was previously almost exclusively available to the big cities.