DLA launches Clarovideo app for Samsung Smart TVs

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13-08-2013
DLA and Samsung have announced the launch of a Clarovideo app for Samsung Smart TVs, thanks to an agreement between the two companies. Samsung is the first brand to offer Clarovideo on its Smart TVs.
Clarovideo is currently available on Samsung Apps for its E2012 TVs. The OTT platform brings a wide catalogue of movies, series, concerts and kids programming on-demand, commercialised through Claro TV platforms in Latin America.
Samsung is continuing to increase its TV app portfolio from most OTT and VOD providers, such as DLA, which is the leading on-demand platform in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Apart from being commercialised as Clarovideo, DLA's streaming VOD service is also offered in Brazil by the pay-TV platform Net Brasil under the brand Now, and under the brand Neon by other Latin TV operators.
In addition to OTT services, the Miami-based company also offers Concert Channel, Rush HD and Mixplay.tv, three channels aimed at young audiences.