Michelle Clancy | 13-08-2013
A new communications infrastructure brand is on its way in the US: Suttle has introduced FutureLink, an umbrella brand encompassing next-generation fibre and copper connectivity solutions for IPTV and broadband networks.
"Successful service delivery requires reducing installation time and recurring costs, while future-proofing the network for diverse, bandwidth-hungry applications and services," explained George Wakileh, Suttle global vice president of technology and business development.
Suttle's FutureLink products come will tool-less installation, the company said. Cables can be connected quickly without the use of tools via seamless snap-in connection points, thus reducing install time, while the secure connection decreases future maintenance needs and reduces the number of overall truck rolls.
FutureLink products are meant to 'acclimate' to different topologies to protect fibre or copper networks from various environmental factors indoors or outdoors, the company said. And they can be stacked and expanded for 'grow-as-you-go' connectivity.
"Suttle is a strategic innovator with the ability to tailor our offerings to fit the individual opportunities of our customers, while being proactive about future connectivity needs," said Suttle's vice president and general manager, Bruce Blackwood. "This product customisation allows for overall efficiency at a lower TCO, as well as future expansion capabilities."