Michelle Clancy | 13-08-2013
Viggle, a second-screen app company focused on television loyalty programmes has launched the Viggle Audience Network. The network provides advertisers with access to an expanded audience of nearly ten million users, including more than three million Viggle registered users, across a grouping of companies that focus on the second-screen experience.
"The Viggle Audience Network aggregates the sizeable audiences of all of these popular second-screen properties," said Kevin Arrix, Viggle CRO. "Through the network, which we'll be spearheading, we'll be able to bring scale to advertisers who are looking for mobile, video, and engagement advertising centred around and as an extension of their TV buys. Today's announcement is just the beginning and we plan to announce other partners shortly."
Initial launch partners within the Viggle Audience Network include Boxfish, BuddyTV, and Dijit Media's NextGuide. Viggle is selling advertising across partner properties in a variety of ad formats, including video pre-rolls and takeovers, mobile display banners, and other Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) mobile-optimised units.
"Viggle's continued growth has prompted new and unique opportunities not only for our dedicated users but for advertisers to engage with them beyond our platform," said Greg Consiglio, Viggle president and COO. "The Viggle Audience Network will serve as a bridge for advertisers between Vigglers and these sites' visitors, enabling marketers to roll their campaigns out to them simultaneously for maximum impact."
Viggle explained that the initial partners that it has announced represent different aspects of the second-screen ecosystem and complement Viggle's efforts around television loyalty. These include partners who connect fans with information and other fans, and other partners who assist users with the discovery of and recommendations on TV programmes.
"By partnering with Viggle, we'll be able to offer mobile advertisers the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with our mobile community," said Andy Liu, BuddyTV co-founder and CEO. "They'll be able to connect with them when they start viewing their favourite programmes on Viggle and while they're catching up on the latest news about those shows on BuddyTV Guide."