August 13, 2013 11.21 Europe/London ByJulian Clover

Sky Deutschland chief Brian Sullivan has told German media that he is targeting a subscriber base of five million households.
“Our current 3.5 million subscribers are not the end of the story, but a milestone on the way to a success story,” Sullivan told theHandelsblatt daily.
The head of Sky-D said that by international standards, subscriber levels at the pay-TV platform were still relatively low.
In a move that will be familiar to Sullivan from his days at BSkyB in the UK, Sky-D has recently been criticized by the German pub trade for increases in the amount charged to screen Sky-D’s sports channels in German bars.
“We are one of the biggest revenue driver for the hosts, but require only a fraction of that figure from them,” he says.
With the start of the new season, Sky-D is paying an annual €486 million per year to screen matches from the Bundesliga, compared to €250 million under the terms of the previous contract.