Michelle Clancy | 14-08-2013
SpotGenie Partners has designed a Franchise Area Network, or FrAN, to create an advertising spot distribution/tracking hub created to link franchise organisations and their franchisees to television and radio stations, and other third parties.
SpotGenie, which provides digital media services to the advertising, entertainment and broadcast industries, gives franchisors control over the distribution of their spot inventory and the ability to direct when and to whom access is granted. It also tracks all spot deliveries (including stations and dates) and generates reports that can be submitted for talent payment.
Franchisees, meanwhile, gain HD television distribution; secure access to television and radio spots for viewing and distribution; the option of being billed directly; a comprehensive traffic instruction creation/distribution system; and a simplified order management system via the Web, iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry. In addition, the portal can be used for a franchisee to review its current on–air advertising.

We have tried to make this as efficient and easy as possible for the franchise community," said Wayne Dykes, SpotGenie's president and CEO. "SpotGenie is providing secure online access to all spots according to user permissions and 'valid dates' of spots, mobile enabled for all platforms, and a unique Web portal for each franchisee and/or co-op. Spots are distributed to a network of over 18,000 broadcast stations. Users benefit from a best of class video processing/QC system. Spots are formatted according to each station's file preference directly from a master. Traffic generation/distribution is accomplished via email, fax and web portal and we provide real-time proof of delivery reporting. Lastly, all talent usage reports include markets, dates, and stations for each asset and reports are output in a variety of formats/options to accommodate the needs of each client."