Michelle Clancy | 20-08-2013
TiVo has hooked up with Grouper, a technology-based social club, for a partnership that will integrate TV and movie themes into the Grouper experience. The agreement, rolling out in late August, will create integrated 'brand experiences' by offering TV trivia during Grouper gatherings, themed parties and photo challenges.
"We look forward to working together with a brand that shares our passion for bringing people together, and we are excited for how this will improve the experience for our members," said Michael Waxman, Grouper founder and CEO. "When people meet for the first time, TV and movies are often times the ultimate ice-breaker conversation. This partnership will facilitate our goal of bringing people closer together by injecting pop culture into the mix."
TiVo and Grouper expect to announce additional brand integrations in the coming months, leveraging TiVo's entertainment interface for Grouper's social events.
"We're ecstatic to partner with an innovative, emerging brand with a young, connected demographic that understands and seeks what TiVo delivers – a television experience that brings together the best of all television – streaming apps and cable TV – anywhere, anytime and on any device," said Doug Bieter, TiVo's vice president for consumer sales and marketing. "Grouper's passion for creating a personalised, fun experience for their customers captures the essence of what we do for lovers of TV. We look forward to seamlessly supporting the Grouper experience with TiVo technology in a variety of capacities."