Louise Duffy | 20-08-2013
Malaysian Internet TV service KLfive is due to launch in November, with an à la carte or monthly subscription option.
The service, which is an online version of pay-TV, claims to offer 1,500 hours of premium programming per quarter sourced from around the world, within 24 hours of its original date of broadcast in the host country. Content includes prime-time programmes, movies, lifestyle, health, children's programmes and documentaries from studios including CBS, NBC Universal, Fremantle Media Enterprises and ITV.
Izham Abdullah, KLfive’s CEO, said: “Unlike pay television that works with a pre-packaged menu of programming, KLfive delivers content on demand as an à la carte service.
“Basically, we’re offering convenience for users to access content without repeats, superfluous bundling and delays.
“The media environment needs to undergo a dramatic shift to address the current lifestyle trends, accessibility of content via multiple platforms, family budget controls, and an alternate pay model. Our game-change business model is a perfect fit for this generation’s content consumers.”
KLfive is accessible via PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and set-top boxes for television. Consumers need to have a KLfive account, Internet connection (minimum of 1Mb), and standard browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
It projects a subscriber base of 100,000 in the first year, targeting consumers in the middle to high income group.
As well as the à la carte service KLfive also offers a monthly subscription starting at RM15 that entitles subscribers to a minimum combination of ten titles from various genres.