August 20, 2013 Europe/London By Julian Clover

The HbbTV Association has announced plans to license the HbbTV logo to consumer electronics manufacturers.
Any vendor selling an HbbTV device is now able to use the logo on their device to indicate compatibility with the standard in addition to printed and web-based promotional materials.
“Using the HbbTV Logo is an excellent way for consumer device manufacturers to demonstrate HbbTV certification and interoperability,” said Klaus Illgner, chairman, HbbTV Association. “As the standard continues to gain momentum around the world, our logo will become more familiar to consumers enjoying a connected television experience based on HbbTV – including compelling catch up TV, news apps, and other innovative services.”
Before receiving approval to use the HbbTV logo the devices must first pass the HbbTV Association’s Test Suite in order to verify compatibility.
The certification process provides flexibility to HbbTV device manufactures by providing them with two approaches to verify compliancy: through self-testing or at a registered Test Center.