Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 20-08-2013
America Movil's Colombian subsidiary Claro (formerly Comcel) has been ordered by Bogota's district Court to pay $157 million back to the public channel ETB.
Claro has said that it will abide by the sentence, but the process does allow for an appeal.
In 1998, Comcel and ETB made a deal to share and connect their telecom networks. ETB accepted a price for using Comcel's mobile infrastructure but problems started at the end of 2006, when Comcel claimed over $150 million from ETB for using the network. ETB paid this amount, but opened a complaints process which ended in December 2012 with a sentence which Claro has now been forced to accept.
According to Gustavo Gómez, State Council's president, the $157 million amount will actually be increased as no interest has been added. The sentence went in favour of ETB due to the application of the Andean Nations Community, which has the right to rule over telecoms markets.
Saúl Kattan, ETB's president, said that the return of the money is essential for the modernisation of the company, which has great plans for the future based on interactive and on-demand TV.