Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 20-08-2013
Television is still the most important media for Chileans, according to LAMAC's last report, with 89% of Chileans seated in front of the TV as their main free-time activity. In addition, television is still seen as the most trusted media for news and the most important means of education.
The data was published in the annual Chilescopio report which details Chile's consumption habits, analysing the habits of over 1,800 people in 18 different cities. Rodrigo Niño, LAMAC's country manager, said the report found that "TV is the most important media" in Chile.
According to the report, TV is the media which provides most entertainment, for 63% of Chileans, the most trusted news coverage, for 43%, and also has the highest educational role, for 42%. Although the Internet has grown unstoppably every year since Chilescopio started in 2005, television still comes top, and TV advertisements are the most influential for 63% of Chileans.
With regard to pay-TV, Rodrigo Niño adds: "Nowadays, nearly 70% of the population has access to pay-TV, whose platforms mean 30% of the whole TV audience. This represents a 111% growth compared to five years ago".