Demand grows for ThinkAnalytics

August 21, 2013 09.27 Europe/London By Julian Clover

zon-Now&NextThinkAnalytics has announced an increase in its customer portfolio to 52 operators and a near doubling of its licensed subscriber base from 70 to 130 million licenses.

The search and recommendation company is benefitting from the increasingly sophisticated offers of digital platforms as they look to run both VOD and increasingly sophisticated programme guides.

“We see a significant lift in VOD and live TV viewership after our recommendations platform is deployed,” said Peter Docherty, founder and chief technology officer, ThinkAnalytics. “Our service provider customers are given a great deal of flexibility in how the recommendations interface with their customers, 50% lift is not unusual, with some operators seeing even higher returns. In the face of competition, operators are using ThinkAnalytics to continually remind their customers of the compelling content that they would be unlikely to discover on their own, and the value of their subscription packages.”

ThinkAnalytics’ customers include Liberty Global, Cox Communications, BSkyB and Virgin Media.