TVE to premiere La Vuelta in HD

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21-08-2013

The 68th edition of Spain's cycling tour La Vuelta is to be broadcast in HD for the first time by TVE.

From 30 August until 15 September, the channel will utilise three helicopters, an aeroplane and several motorbikes to broadcast the whole competition in HD.

The event will be mostly shown on TDP, which is the public sports channel, but some of the days will be also broadcast on La 1, the main signal.

Jesús Álvarez, TVE's sports director, explained that the technology used will increase viewers' enjoyment and bring them a lot of details which were previously impossible to see.

La Vuelta will not only be broadcast in HD for TVs, but will also be live streamed through The online programming will be complemented by commentary and analysis, interactive data and a highlights selection. By commenting on the event in the blog En Ruta and at #VueltaRTVE, the channel will also try to extend La Vuelta throughout the social networks.

Over 30 years after the first broadcast of La Vuelta, TVE is renewing its commitment to the race and will retain the rights of the cycling tour until at least 2016.