August 21, 2013 09.44 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Com Hem is making available a 500 Mbps broadband service to around one million households.
The Swedish cablenet says the combination of HD movies and games being downloaded directly from the web and the increasing number of devices hooked up to the internet have created a demand for such speeds.
ďAs a high-speed provider, we offer really high broadband speeds to many households, not just to a few. The depth of our investment is important not only for households, but also for everyone involved in the future of demanding network services. No other operator is close to being able to offer such high speeds to over a million households, says Asanga Gunatillaka, product director at Com Hem.
At the same time the upload speed has been increased to 50 Mbps.
A new modem conforms to the latest 802.11ac standard.
The service will cost SEK 899 a month.