Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 21-08-2013
DVD and Blu-ray sales fell 12.5% in value and 10.5% in volume to 439.86 million over the first semester of 2013 in France.
DVD sales fell 15.8% to 341.52 million while Bly-ray sales stabilised around +1.5% at 98.33 million, representing 22.4% of the global video turnover over the first six months of the year against 19.3% a year before.
The physical video market is still dominated by feature films which drew 269.61 million over the first semester, representing 61.3% of global sales.
Both revenues also decreased by 15.9% compared to the same period in 2012. DVD sales fell 21.1% to 185.89 million and Blu-ray fell 1.3% to 83.73 million.
Other market segments were equally affected as fiction and animated programming registered a fall of 11.3% while documentaries decreased by 18.8%.
US TV series sales decreased by 4.5% to 59.21 million over the first six months, and TV series video revenues diminished globally by 1.4%.