August 21, 2013 11.38 Europe/London By Julian Clover

The portability of devices used to consume AV content is likely to have a radical impact on its delivery and the business models that sustain it, according to the latest report from the DTG’s Future of Innovation in Television Technology (FITT) Taskforce.
The government-backed report says that better networks, more choice and new connected devices are likely to have a major impact in media consumption by 2025.
Other consumer research is looking into the success of catch-up TV and the relative failure of the HD Ready and 3D initiatives.
Dr David Docherty, Chairman of the Taskforce said “FITT is a fantastic example of cross-industry collaboration, and of the benefit of engaging with universities and other expert bodies. Building on the analytical work in the first update in May, we’re now in a great position to make recommendations to government, industry, Technology Strategy Board, and universities about how to create a system of innovation that connects up all of the main players and which uses technological breakthroughs to drive successful companies in the UK.”
Other areas of focus are data management and how the UK can capitalise in the growth of TV viewing data amid a variety of competing standards.
FITT has also been studying the delivery infrastructure and what decisions and investment may be needed to ensure the UK can make optimal use of its wired and wireless networks.