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Thread: Dream500 versus Itgate200

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    Dream500 versus Itgate200

    Hello everybody

    I just want to change my 11 months old Sunny for a new and evolutive tool. I've got offers for both the dream500 and Itgate200 with optional cardsharing... Besides the price problem which is not so important, I would like to get an advice from a technical point of view... Which of the two is a better investment? The cardsharing nets beeing not a life long stuff, which of them is more appropriate to fit in a world of changes?
    In your opinion, a cardsharing net based on far east servers for Itgate200 could be a good choice? (there is one of their dealers proposing that, not free... you bet)
    Thanks a lot...
    Merry Christmas

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    Re: Dream500 versus Itgate200


    The Dreambox 500 and the Itgate200 are good machines but I prefer the Dreambox line. The new Dreambox 600 is really good.

    Cardsharing is cardsharing : it's illegal so you know what you pay for. This is not an official business so there is good and bad boys in it.

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    Re: Dream500 versus Itgate200

    Thank you...
    I've just seen that you're supposed to work for the moment... (like me) and that you're belgian, (like me again). So...
    Je pensais plutot à la Itgate200 parce que le mec viendrait l'installer chez moi, la configurer, tout quoi... et il se dit distributeur officiel de ce truc...
    Le sharing serait bien loin et sécurisé contre la revente en piramide... Je dois payer une fois et puis plus rien... assez bizarre de ce point de vue...
    mais si un jour je dois changer, est-ce que les Itgate peuvent marcher avec les plugins de dream, avec un Gbox par ex? Et tout court dans le même reseau, parce que pour le moment celui qu'il propose est seulement pour les Itgate... voila, des questions qui visent loin...

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