Parent Category 22-08-2013
comScore's monthly Online Video Metrix has found that 187 million Americans watched more than 48 billion online videos in July. Google Sites, including YouTube, stayed on top of the heap, the highest number at close to 17.7 billion, followed by AOL with 793 million and Facebook with 741 million.
Google Sites also led with 167.9 million unique viewers, up 6% from June, comScore found.
Facebook came in a distant second with 61.3 million, followed by AOL with 57.9 million, and VEVO and Microsoft Sites, both with 49.6 million viewers.

In terms of YouTube partner channels, the VEVO video music channel came in first with 47.6 million viewers, followed by Fullscreen with 34.5 million viewers. Maker Studios was third with 28.6 million, Warner Music was fourth with 27.6 million, and ZEFR rounded out the top 5 with 26.5 million.
A staggering 86.6% of the US Internet audience viewed online video in July. The average length of an online content video is still pretty short at 5.2 minutes, which is no surprise considering YouTube's market lead.
The average online video ad was 0.4 minutes. Video ads made up 28.8% of all videos viewed and 2.8% of all minutes spent watching video online.
The number of video ad views, meanwhile, was 19.6 billion, slightly down from June's 20 billion views. As if there was any question as to the search giant's hegemony in the space, Google Sites came in No 1 with 3.4 billion ad impressions, followed by BrightRoll Platform with 2.1 billion, with 2.1 billion, with 1.8 billion and Specific Media with 1.4 billion.
Together they accounted for 7.4 billion minutes of video ads viewed during the month. BrightRoll Platform and had the highest duration of video ads with one billion minutes each, while Hulu delivered the highest frequency of video ads to viewers with an average of 69 times during July.