Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22-08-2013
Spain has the highest smartphone penetration in Europe, according to the recent comScore report Spain Digital Future in Focus, but what makes the Spanish market different is the popularity of Android devices, which is way beyond those of Apple.
The same tendency has also been observed in the tablet market, in which the iPad is far from the leader, according to GFK's report analysed by Expansión.com.
While smartphone penetration in the biggest European markets is 57%, in Spain it is nine percentage points higher at 66%. In the smartphone market, Android has a 92% share, while iOS devices don't even reach 5%; Windows has 1.9%, Symbian 0.9 and BlackBerry 0.1%, according to Kantar Worldpanel.
This data is rather different from the US and Europe's averages. In North America Apple has 41.9% of the smartphone market and Android tops the figures with 52%. In Europe, Google's platform leads the rankings with 70.4% while iOS is in second place with 17.8%.
Some analysts point to price as the main reason for the low iOS penetration in Spain. The theory is also supported by the sales data for tablets. Samsung tops the market with 21% of its Galaxys sold, while the iPad is in second place with 15%. The latest IDC consultant report places Apple as the undisputed leader worldwide (32.4%). Regarding to operating systems, Android tablets have over 70% penetration.
Apart from the quality-price ratio which seems to convince Spanish customers to buy Android, Expansion.com also points to cross-selling strategies from TV, Internet and mobile operators, which use the tablets as a hook to attract more clients.