Guys, I'm trying to use my Atmega163 card to work with Infinity USB programmer as a card reader for my Progdvb program. There are a lot of plugins such as NCE or Poor's man CAM which allow to my Progdvb to read directly the card (in fact official cards). What can I do to determine the program to read my Atmega163 as an "official card"? I can't find my IRD and Box Key Number. Probably somehow I erased it in an attempting to be smart or something else happend. Using Poor's man cam (a plugin for Progdvb) it seems nothing happen because my ATR and PPV are not displayed and my card is not recognized as a "good card". I tried to write on my Atmega card the packet named 6 in 1Fun Atmega 163 by KM, I did it "succesfuly" ( I put flash in the section for flash and eprom in the exteprom section) but...nothing happend and i think is possible for this reson my card be ****ed?. I don't know if I was accurate in explaining my problem but really I need "expertise" from you ..."guru" of programming smartcards. May I have an advice from you for my problem? I need to re-write my card to be recognized as an "original" by my plugins. THX for your attention and for you future advices.