Jane Wolfe | 23-08-2013
The video-on-demand (VOD) service of Spain's regional operator Aragón TV has achieved five million users since launching a-year-and-a-half ago, a four-fold increase on 2013.
Spain's VOD and online TV markets are growing and showing light at the end of the tunnel in the current difficult financial situation, and Aragón TV's success demonstrates that the regional markets are another area of growth.
The à la carte service aims to diversify regional news offerings and distribute information to those who live abroad. But in its second year the service has broken all expectations and become a central proposition for Aragón TV.
On average, 285,000 users per month visit the VOD platform, mostly to watch news programmes. Aragón Noticias, Aragón en Abierto, Unidad Móvil and the music show Dándolo Todo Jota are the most watched content each day. The educational programmes scheduled on the VOD service, especially those to teach English, are also among the most popular shows viewed online.
Through the channel's website it's also possible to watch all the self-produced shows live. The regional signal also has an iOS app for the on-demand service, which has been downloaded 31,300 times.