Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 23-08-2013
While consumption of pay-TV in Colombia continues to increase, women in particular are taking the service, with an increase of 10% in time spent watching in the first half compared to the same period in 2012, according to a recent analysis by the American Council for Multichannel TV – LAMAC.
There has also been a greater consumption in women of middle socio-economic level. In 2012 they consumed two hours and 27 minutes of television, and now consume two hours 44 minutes on average.
During working days, i.e. from Monday to Friday, women watch an average of two hours and 29 minutes of TV daily, and on Saturday and Sunday the female audience increases to watching three hours and 11 minutes of TV each day.
When it comes to audience share, women most often surfed to a pay-TV channel rather than free-to-air (43.4%), which implies a 15% increase in participation over the first half of last year.
When women were asked about what their favourite television channel was, 46.7% of the respondents mentioned preferring one that was carried by pay-TV. Programmes about education, documentaries, those related to health and medicine and related to issues having to do with nature and wildlife were all favourites.