Michelle Clancy | 23-08-2013
AirTies Wireless Networks has launched the Air 4820 range of wireless video bridges. The devices enable almost triple the throughput of video and data over greater distances to connect more devices, such as TV, tablets and mobile devices, to stream and view HD video.
The devices are the industry's first 4x4 chipset video bridges to support the new 802.11ac wireless standard. With the ability to stream content from a central set-top box directly to others in the network, the Air 4820 delivers up to 1.7Gbps of bandwidth throughout the home and is able to simultaneously stream up to six HD videos to connected devices whilst optimising the 802.11ac wireless technology.
The video bridge uses a 4X4 MIMO Quantenna chipset, providing the upped bandwidth to overcome many of the traditional problems associated with wireless video distribution, such as latency and lost packets. The product operates in the 5GHz frequency band to avoid interference, and expands the field of delivery by utilising advanced dynamic digital beam-forming along with channel management. This enables the device to regularly scan all available channels for noise, interference and traffic and then select the optimal route for interference-free, multichannel, HD video streaming.
Even greater range can be achieved using AirTies' patented AirTouch technology, which allows customers to self-install a mesh network in the home, including handling all network security and SSID settings.