Editor | 26-08-2013
Itís two for the price of one at QVC with the TV retailer offering an additional channel to offer differentiated programming on delay.
QVC's international operations in the UK and Germany have offered multiple broadcast channels for some time now, some dedicated specifically to QVC's prestige beauty offerings. The new QVC PLUS will aim to maintain the QVC brand and television experience including shows, exclusive products and programme hosts, airing on a three-hour delay of QVC's current live broadcast.
The new channel will show onscreen graphics indicating that it is a pre-recorded show and future plans under discussion include special programming shown only on the channel to further expand QVC's offerings. It will also broadcast live on QVC's website, and additional digital commerce functionality will be coming soon.
"One of the secrets of QVC's success is that we offer customers the joy of discovery," commented Mary Campbell, Senior Vice President, Multichannel Platforms at QVC. "QVC PLUS provides an additional discovery experience for our customers, and more ways to view our unique, ever-changing curation of people, places and finds."