Michelle Clancy | 26-08-2013
Rentrak, the movie and TV measurement company, has announced a multi-year StationView Essentials contract with B2C Enterprises, a full-service advertising agency in Roanoke, Virginia.
The agency will use Rentrak's local TV ratings engine, including the Polk Automotive purchaser integration, to help plan and buy on behalf of their local market television advertiser clientele.
"We've been keeping an eye on Rentrak for some time," said Bruce Bryan, president of B2C. "The fact that they're in so many homes in our market and the stability of a larger, more granular database solution means improved efficiency and targeting for our advertiser clients."
He added: "Paper diaries are an out-of-date way of measuring local TV and with the volume of television placement we do, we are excited about using Rentrak's all-electronic daily demographic information. Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve with the information we can provide to our clients."
Rentrak's television ratings service is an integrated system offering detailed satellite, telco and cable TV viewing information from more than 25 million TVs nationwide, including granular information for TV stations in all 210 local markets.