Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 26-08-2013
TV drama amounted to 30-40% of the global daytime programming offer on the new French DTT channels in 2011, well ahead other TV genres.
The percentage strongly contrasts with the global TV offer as, across all the TV channels, TV drama was no more than the second genre in daytime (5.30am to 6pm), representing 19% of the schedules behind documentaries and magazines. Less than 10% of fictional programming was broadcast in the access slots (6pm to 8.30pm).
TV drama's ranking stepped back significantly compared to the 1990's when it was the top TV genre on the main terrestrial channels.
As the terrestrial channels did 20 years ago, the new DTT channels are "structuring their daytime offer with drama and entertainment formats," according to TV regulator CSA in a round-up covering the 1990-2011 period.
Over this time period, and owing to the launch of new DTT channels in 2005, the drama and TV series global offer whether French or international grew from 8,435 hours to 19,481 hours.
The French fiction line-up multiplied by 2.6 up from 2,293 hours in 1990 to 5,998 in 2011.
During the same period, original daytime fiction decreased across all TV channels.
Regarding formats, 52-minute TV series are largely dominating the TV grids, both in daytime and access prime time slots, CSA reports.