August 26, 2013 09.46 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Portuguese public broadcaster RTP is looking to add two further channels to its digital line-up.
RTP has applied to the Regulatory Authority for the Media to include two new free-to-air channels on the DTT system.
Local media says the plans emerged through a request by RTP to vary its obligations with DTT operator Portugal Telecom. RTP will also need to get the approval of the Regulatory Authority for Communications (ANACOM).
The current spectrum is not able to support both RTP channels, as evidenced by the view that the ERC drafted in 2012 on a proposal to extend the PCP channels available on DTT.
There is concern that the current multiplex division might not support two further channels, but while RTP is not publically commenting on the move Deputy Minister and Regional Development, Miguel Maduro is known to be studying the possibility of increasing the number of available free channels.