Quickflix to launch NZ Freeview service this year

Louise Duffy | 27-08-2013

Quickflix, the Australian streaming and DVD rental service, has said it will launch its service on New Zealand's Freeview platform by the end of the year. The launch was originally planned for early 2013.

In a progress update, Quickflix said that it had streamed 4.5 million movies and TV shows to customers throughout Australia since November 2011 when it launched its streaming service. It added that demand for its pay-per-view movies and pay-per-episode TV had grown by over 30% in the quarter ended June 2013.

It will shortly be launching its new application on the Sony PlayStation 3 as well its new Microsoft Xbox 360 streaming application to include pay-per-view movies and pay-per-episode TV in addition to its existing subscription service.

Later this year there are plans for Quickflix streaming to be part of major new game console product releases.

Streaming to LG Smart TVs is expected to launch before the end of the year.