TV everywhere on edge between public and commercial commitments

Editor | 27-08-2013

As over the top (OTT) and TV everywhere products continue to evolve so does the need for clearly defined roles in the industry between public service broadcasters and privately owned, commercial organisations.

This will form one of the key planks in the forthcoming in Nordic Media Summit, organised by end-to-end video management and related services provider Xstream.
The company believes that recently a lot of criticism has been aimed at public service providers and their role in the Internet TV landscape adding the offering content for free when other providers have to charge consumers makes it difficult for privately held broadcasters and other Internet TV providers to survive and grow.
Addressing this issue head on, the summit will investigate how much VOD service development by public service broadcasters is good for the market and what proportion of development should be covered by national television license fees. It will also ask should public service broadcasters be competing with commercial providers in terms of on-demand content acquisition and audience development and see how Nordic public service providers and broadcasters are adapting to the growing needs from.