Parent Category: News | 27-08-2013
The Internet is growing as an information source for Argentinians, but it's still far below TV, according to the latest Ibope Media survey, reported by and
In 2012, online news consumption grew seven points, with 58% of people using the Internet to get information. But 92% of people watched the news on free-to-air TV and 74% used a pay-TV platform, placing TV as the most trusted media in Argentina.
Traditional media are clearly falling and while the radio is still close to the Internet (56%), newspapers are way down, being an information source for only 39% of Argentinians.
The Ibope Media report also shows that improved networks have made the Internet available for inland districts as well. The federal capital and Gran Buenos Aires have 57% Internet penetration while the rural areas grew to 59%, figures which were very different just a few years ago. In 2000, 64% of Internet users were classed as having a high economic level and 24% medium, while now the figures are low (37%), high (32%) and medium (31%).