Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 27-08-2013
A total of 20,418 adverts were broadcast every day by Spain's TV channels during Q2 2013, but on average each viewer only watched 64 of these, according to Zenith Media's latest report with Kantar Media data.
This underlines the tendency that widespread advertising campaigns with a low segmentation level are losing effectiveness with audiences which are getting used to more concrete publicity techniques.
The income for advertising is decreasing, but this isn't because the number of ads is lower. Indeed, Spanish channels scheduled 6.1% ad spots during Q2 but the impact of them, measured by gross rating points (GRP), fell by 5.5%. What should be positive data pointing to a recovering ad market in Spain, actually suggests that these efforts may be going in the wrong direction.
Nearly two million ads in three months weren't enough to convince more viewers. However, the numbers are still better than the 0.2% fall in Q1 2013, when some analysts pointed out that the industry might be ready to take off again.
Four more hours of ads were scheduled every day compared to Q2 2012, and prime time is still the slot with the highest impact. However, only 2.3% of adverts broadcast are watched, with Telecinco being the most effective channel, followed by Antena 3, La Sexta and Cuatro.
Regarding viewers' loyalty, the report shows that La Sexta has the most loyal audience 34% leave the channel in the ads breaks followed by Antena 3, Telecinco, Cuatro and the regional channels.