August 27, 2013 08.45 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Compression and digital video processing vendor Envivio will be demonstrating how its software-based approach can offer better video quality while optimising bandwidth efficiency for traditional broadcast or, cloud-based, connected TV services. Demonstrating 4K video compressiong and HEVC encoding.
Julien SignĖs, Envivioķs president and CEO, believes “that a software-based architecture offers the most flexibility, scalability and outstanding performance for both traditional broadcast TV services and any-screen TV”.
The demonstrations include 4K video encoded in the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) format by the Muse transcoding software.TV Anytime services including; NetworkPVR, Catch-up services and Video-On-Demand using its Halo network media processor. The Halo processor also offers blackout, ad insertion, subtitling, aswell as just-in-time packaging of the video services.
Also of interest will be a comparison of the same video encoded real-time, in three different codecs; HEVC, AVC and good old MPEG-2.
Connected TV and mobile video services, as offered by unnamed customers in Belgium and Spain*, will also be on show.
Envivio is relaunching its 4Manager network management system as Envivio Guru, claiming an enhanced user interface and operational improvements to facilitate network setup, management and control. Envivio Stand 1.D73
*release archive contains releases on Belgacom TV Everywhere mobile TV service 2011, and Vinson Mobile TV service offering 10 channels from VRT, VMMA and SBS. Stievi platform Spain might be PrisaTV.