Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28-08-2013
DLA will exclusively premiere the second series of MTV's teen soap opera Niñas Mal on its video-on-demand (VOD) platform throughout Latin America a week before the music channel does so.
The second season of the MTV production, the first season of which achieved great success in 2010, will be available on DLA VOD platforms from 2 September. Under the agreement between the content distributor and the channel, the 70 episodes of the first season plus the new episodes will be available before the MTV series premiere.
"The premiere of original content on our VOD platform and via streaming before the official launch is a milestone in DLA's history and adds value for the subscribers to our products in the region," said Pablo Iacoviello, DLA's director for new acquisitions. "For MTV, it makes its product more widely visible and at the same time promotes its original production in the digital TV market".
The soap opera, which MTV premieres on 9 September, will be available on Clarovideo and Neon platforms in Latin America, and on Now in Brazil. Thanks to the deal, DLA continues to expand its VOD platform in the region, bringing TV without schedules to all types of connected devices.