August 28, 2013 11.11 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

The Croatian regulator HAKOM has announced a public auction for the remaining one-third of the digital dividend that followed the country’s transition to digital broadcasting.
Amounting to a total of 20MHz, offered in two blocks of 2x5MHz, it will be allocated to mobile communications operators using LTE technology.
The auction will be undertaken with “sealed envelopes”, with bids from HRK105 million (€13.9 million) invited per single block.
Croatia completed the transition to digital broadcasting in under a year in 2010, after which two frequency blocks of 2x10MHz were allocated to Vipnet and T-HT for a total of HRK332 million.
The deadline for bids for the auction is October 28, with HAKOM making the award by the end of November.