Argentina's pay-TV growth provides ad opportunities

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28-08-2013

Pay-TV consumption in Argentina is on the increase – with 83.1% of houses purchasing a TV service during first half 2013, according to an Ibope report on Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and Rosario – and the Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council (LAMAC) sees this as a great opportunity for advertising.

Pay-TV platforms gained a 48.9% share (10% more than in 2012), resulting in all pay-TV channels increased their audience figures. Argentinians also spend 20 more minutes on average watching cable TV. In a context of increasing prices for TV advertising, LAMAC sees an advantage to investing in pay-TV ads, which usually connect with 8-10% more potential customers than the free-to-air channels, it says.

The best opportunities are based on pay-TV's bigger audience segmentation as, according to Ibope figures, 14 channels share 50% of the audience and up to 27 channels gather 70% of the entire number of pay-TV viewers.

LAMAC says that these figures contrast with the idea that advertisers need to invest in every TV channel to have a bigger impact. "It's enough to use a piece of the huge channels' offer," says the report. By advertising on between 15 to 30 pay-TV channels and selecting the target properly, it's possible to have a greater impact.