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Thread: My Weird Problem

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    Question My Weird Problem

    I'm having a weird problem with my FTA satellite system "SuperMax 1x1 CX CI Master" with Single Universal LNB.
    It's been a few months since I can watch some channels ONLY from 02.00 AM to 10.00 AM and only occasionally during day time. Sometimes they're OK all day long, but usually they're "NO signal".
    (today they're fine as if at night: S=75 Q=90)
    I hadn't touched anything when this problem occurred.
    Do you think the problem is with the LNB "skew/rotation" or what?
    If it helps here are specs of one of these channels:

    Satelite: Turksat 2A/3A at 42°E
    Band: Ku
    Frequency, Pol.: 12015 MHz, pol. H
    SR, FEC: 27500 kS/s, 5/6
    Standard / modulation: DVB-S/QPSK
    Type: TV
    Video resolution: 480x576
    VPID: 165, MPEG-2
    Video bitrate: ~3.224 Mb/s
    APIDs: 166 - tur
    PCR PID: 165
    SID: 7
    PMT: 160
    Teletext/Subtitles: No
    Encryptions (CAIDs): FTA

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    Re: My Weird Problem

    It sounds as if your dish is becoming misaligned due to heat distortion. Is it possible your dish and mounting may be affected by high daytime temperatures which are causing the dish to temporarily warp?

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    Re: My Weird Problem

    Thanks for your response!
    As a matter of fact I've noticed a slight bend/warp on my dish, but it's been there forever.
    The thing is, today my problematic channels have been fine and stable for all day (S=75 Q=92) while yesterday they had No Signal whatsoever!
    I'm afraid the problem lies somewhere else...

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    Re: My Weird Problem

    Hi. It sounds like your dish may not be secured properly and its moving the LNB arm so that its missing the signal. A friend of mine had similar problem and i tighten the dish for him and everything was ok. I dont think its the LNB skew as you say it works fine sometimes unless the LNB is loose in the holder and is moving around. I would check the following 3 things :
    1) Dish is tight and secured.
    2) LNB is secure in the holder and skewed properly.
    3) Check cables are properly fitted and not loose.

    Also do have a motor or fixed dish???


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    Re: My Weird Problem

    Thanks for all responses.

    I guess I've figured the problem...
    Apparently my dish/LNB is being affected by a signal breaker device
    It interferes with specific Transponders/Frequencies and is active 10 AM - 2 AM precisely, and that leaves only 8 night hours for watching some TPs.
    In my country we are prohibited from using satellite receivers! These signal breakers are being mounted at highly populated parts of major cities, and I live downtown!
    So I suppose the only solution is to move somewhere else...

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