Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 29-08-2013
History Channel's series Vikings, which is now off Antena 3's schedule until next season, achieved great success in Spain, reaching an average share of 15.2% and nearly two million viewers.
Michael Hirst's story again led Spain's prime time slot, and the Atresmedia channel prepared a season finale with the last three episodes, which had respective shares of 12.2%, 13.2% and 14.8%. These were actually the worst audience results of the series, which had its best figures on its first day of broadcast, with a share of over 18% and nearly 2.4 million viewers.
Vikings is the first History Channel production to achieve such worldwide success. The American production found no competition in Telecinco with CSI New York or in TVE, despite broadcasting the Champions League, and Cuatro's sport programming and La Sexta's films night couldn't overtake Vikings either.