Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 29-08-2013
Spanish advertisers are refusing to back down following a decision supporting the advertising regulation for public channel TVE, and still believe the return of adverts to the channel is a possibility.
The legal situation isn't incompatible with a monitored return of advertising to TVE, "from where it should have never left," according to the Spanish advertisers association AEA.
The European Commission first supported the French law, which is similar to the Spanish model, and more recently the European Court of Justice filed a case against the Spanish advertising law. These two decisions are seen as a public support of TVE's financial model, which taxes the country's telcos in order to finance public TV.
According to Europa Press, AEA says that the French and Spanish models can't be compared, as in Spain there are no ads at all, whereas in France the public channels do include some advertising. In addition, in Spain it is "essential to define a sustainable financial model for RTVE, for which advertisements are needed".
The Government has not made any statement yet, but before the European moves it did show its intention to consider the return of advertising to TVE in order to sustain a budget which has been decreasing due to the falling incomes of the telcos. Adverts are "a common good for society as an information source, consumption generator and richness," stated AEA in an official release