EPIX to air Telluride film fest fave Milius

Michelle Clancy | 30-08-2013

The EPIX premium entertainment network, has acquired the rights to the new documentary Milius, which will be screened at the 2013 Telluride Film Festival.

The documentary will premiere on EPIX and all platforms, including EpixHD.com and on EPIX apps. It examines the life story of one of the most influential and controversial film directors in the history of Hollywood, John Milius, and his fall from Hollywood grace despite his legendary work.
Milius' work includes infamous films such as Apocalypse Now, Jaws, Conan the Barbarian, Dirty Harry and Red Dawn, but he ultimately faced dismissal from Hollywood due to his radical beliefs and controversial behaviour. He was a mentor to filmmaking greats including George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and had a profoundly positive impact on their careers, and yet he began to find it increasingly difficult to get his projects made due to the violence and fallout from Red Dawn.
The documentary explores whether the persona of 'Milius' the gun slinging, anti-Hollywood conservative may have completely overshadowed 'John,' the acclaimed writer and director. Are his best years behind him? Or is his final chapter going to redefine what the world, and the movie industry, thinks of John Frederick Milius?
The film includes in depth interviews with Milius himself and others, such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Francis Ford Coppola, Harrison Ford, Michael Mann, Robert Zemeckis, Oliver Stone, Bryan Singer, Charlie Sheen, Matthew Weiner and more.
"Milius is the fascinating story about a major character in Hollywood who brought some of the most influential films to light, and yet whose polarising personality led to his obscurity," said Mark Greenberg, EPIX president and CEO. "It will be a tremendous addition to the EPIX Docs slate and we're pleased to premiere it on all platforms our viewers will want to watch it."