Operators need enhanced billing systems to cash in on digital content viewership

Editor | 31-08-2013

With smartphone sales surpassing feature phone sales for the first time, new monetisation channels are emerging for media firms but these will only be realised with adequate billing systems according to a research note by MPP Global Solutions.

The provider of customer relationship management, payment and eCommerce solutions to the media and entertainment sectors noted that video broadcasters are now moving much of their budgets to the digital platform in order to offer a wider range of content for people to consume however and whenever they want. It sees particular focus on the on-demand sector.
However MPP warns that despite this user demand, it is important that operators have an eCommerce model in place that can take online payments should it be a paid service. A suitable service would be one that integrates multiple payment types such as credit and debit card, direct debit and mobile billing, payment methods such as pre and post-pay micropayments, subscriptions and real time, and payment channels including web, mobile and connected TV.
WPP advises that a long-term structure is necessary in order to deliver the best possible platform for users. For example, the system must be integrated across PCs, tablets and smartphones, allowing people to seamlessly log into a device of their choosing.