Editor | 01-09-2013
As the development for 4KTV gains pace, with many predicting service launches in 2014, Sky is aiming to take a lead in this nascent market and will present UltraHD content for the first time at the IFA trade show.
Sky has been experimenting with UltraHD since it made a test broadcast of the FC Bayern Munich versus Borussia Dortmund football match, a fitting venue given that sports, and in particular football matches between Europe's top teams, will be the key market segment for 4K.
As a part of IFA, and indeed the IBC trade show, Sky will show an excerpt of this first stage UltraHD content, together with content of its partners, to demonstrate for the first time how UltraHD content can reach end customers via satellite using current technological standards. New possible concepts for future UltraHD broadcasting will be presented.
“This is an exciting time in our industry," commented Brian Sullivan, CEO Sky Deutschland. "There are so many new and innovative ways for customers to access and enjoy content, and UltraHD – while still at an early stage of development – is one of the most promising.
"Ultra HD not only has the potential to transform both the in-home and out-of-home viewing experience in the future, it can also enhance even today’s services through the ability to deploy new production and broadcast features, like super zoom, that leverage the amazing increase in resolution and detail."