September 1, 2013 15.24 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Spacecomís AMOS-4 satellite, the largest and most sophisticated communication satellite built-in Israel to date, was successfully launched Saturday from Baikonur, Kazakhstan.
The ZENIT 3SLB launcher saw the satellite into Orbit and by Sunday Morning (September 1, 2013), the satellite had separated from the launcherís last stage and had started communicating with the ground control station and mission control.
Spacecom President and CEO David Pollack said: ďAMOS-4 continues Spacecomís tradition of providing top quality satellite solutions primarily for emerging markets and is another milestone for the company. We are continuing to maintain our fast growth as we push to become a major player in our markets and expand and extend our reach in becoming a global satellite operator. Working with IAI throughout the process has been a blessing and we look forward to further cooperation with them.Ē
The AMOS-4 satellite is based on the AMOS 4000 platform, which introduces a modular design architecture. It is composed of three (3) modules Ė Bus module, Repeater module, and Earth Facing Antennas module. The Amos4000 bus features very high-efficiency (payload / bus ratio) and extremely accurate pointing and stable coverage that are critical for large diameter Ka antennas. The bus is scalable to host configurations between 3 and 12 KWatt and 2.5 to 5.5 tons. The Amos4000 bus also features highly autonomous capabilities as well as an advanced Telemetry, Command and Ranging (TCR) system. Amos4000 bus was designed to be compatible with most available launch vehicles.
During the coming three weeks, AMOS-4 will continue its transfer orbit until arriving at 67.25 degrees East, where In Orbit Test will be conducted before continuing to its designated permanent service location at 65 degrees East.
Amos 6 is scheduled for a 2014 launch.