Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02-09-2013
DirecTV is reinforcing its commitment to the Brazil 2014 World Cup by signing up Oliver Stone to direct its ad campaign for the major football event.
DirecTV's sports signal will be the only one to broadcast live and in HD the 64 matches taking place in Argentina, Caribe, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
DirecTV is counting down to the World Cup and getting ready to offer an extensive and interactive programming for Latin American fans, with a 24/7 channel broadcasting only World Cup-related information.
The channel signed up Oliver Stone to prepare the advertising campaign which will premiere in October. Juan Antonio García, vice for marketing and communications at DirecTV, said that having a cinema legend such as Oliver Stone expresses the company's aim: to bring a unique viewer experience to screens. "The event will be watched in a special way, as if the viewer was inside the stadium," he said.
The spot was produced by Albiñana Films together with the Argentinian agency Young & Rubicam. The production was filmed in Barcelona and employed 140 technicians, 50 actors and over 800 extras.