La Diaria and VTV top Uruguay's DTT tender

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 03-09-2013

Giro, a group formed by the newspaper La Diaria and Demos, has received the highest valuation in the Uruguay DTT bidding process, according to a ranking compiled by the independent commission CHAI.

Giro was followed by cable platform VTV, which is related to the Tenfield group – owner of the country's football rights – with the list completed by Pop TV, Federico Fasano (ex-director of La República newspaper), Sarmelco SA and Océano FM.
The six bidders are competing for only two licences as the Government has decided to leave the public channels out of the tender, giving one signal to each. This has caused intense competition between the interested parties, who are not happy with the process.
However, the Uruguayan telecom regulator (Ursec) has said that although Giro has the highest points in the ranking, it isn't financially solvent and requires a large workforce, which makes it ill equipped to face an economic crisis.
However, Enrique Mújica, Uruguay's president, will make the final decision. Mújica has now received technical and financial reports from all parties, but is still waiting for a report from the Ministry of Industry. The final decision will be made before 25 October.