Peel TV recommendation app on track for 100% growth

Michelle Clancy | 03-09-2013

With more than 300 million monthly TV tune-ins and 1.1 billion TV recommendations, Peel's multi-source TV recommendation, tune-in and companion platform is on track to double users by the end of the year.

The second-screen application has exceeded 25 million registered users worldwide and Peel forecasts that number will top 50 million by year-end.
Available on Android and iOS smartphone and tablet devices, Peel acts as a universal TV remote control, eliminating the need for multiple remotes and static TV grid listings. It lets consumers discover and interact with TV shows, preview content, send and receive TV recommendations, receive notifications on favourite shows and major TV events and interact with friends, family and fans.
Peel 2.0 is free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play, and works with brands including Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Sony and Philips. Peel is pre-loaded on select Samsung and HTC devices, including Android phones.
"We have forever changed the TV remote control experience so people can now easily access and interact with their favourite shows," said Bala Krishnan, founder and chief product officer for Peel. "In the last quarter we had over ten million new consumers using Peel, and over half the new Android phones sold in the US have Peel preloaded on them. We are now on track to power 20% of the world's TV tune-ins by late 2013."